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Title V

I am selling my home. What is Title V, and how does it affect the sale of my home?

The following is an excerpt from www.MassRealtor.com


Massachusetts law requires that a property that is serviced by a septic system, cesspool or other private waste disposal system be inspected before a home is sold. A septic system has a tank, distribution box, and soil absorption system commonly known as a "leach field". A cesspool has a pipe carrying waste from the home to a pit which distributes liquid waste.

If you are selling your home, you need to have a valid Title 5 inspection. A Title 5 inspection is valid for two years. It is valid for three years before the sale if you have records proving that your system was pumped annually since the inspection.
 If weather prevents an inspection at sale or transfer, the inspection must occur as soon as weather permits, but no later than six months after the sale or transfer.

Does the seller have to repair a failed system?
While the law does not specifically mandate that the seller is responsible for repairing a failed system, as a practical matter a buyer's financing will usually not be approved unless a Title 5 certificate is obtained prior to closing.

We are licensed Title 5 inspectors for Norwell, Hanover, Scituate and Marshfield, MA. Contact us to schedule a Title V inspection.